It is important to  improve continually work conditions in company. We as a producer of solid wood furniture produce furniture which conform to the environmental requirements that consumer will get not only qualitatively but also environmentally -friendly furniture.

Team of company had determined these priorities in pursuance of the environment protection policy:

  • To decrease a pollution of nature – to improve the waste separate out and the accumulation technologies. To install a cleaner equipment of chemical waste and technologies which reduce pollutants quantity discharged into the atmosphere.
  • To save environment by reducing waste quantity. To work only with companies which have the waste administration licences.
  • To reduce atmospheric pollution by improving furniture production processes technologies and choosing suitable raw materials.
  • To use economically raw materials, stocks,  nature and energetic resources.
  • To control the impact to environmental of usable raw materials and stocks.

A company reaches to organise its activity that it would be done the less negative impact for nature:

  • To comply all state’s applied environmental protection legal requirements and  execute environmental protection prevention and control, which are connected to environmental protection of company.
  • To intend required resources to implement the available environmental protection purposes and tasks.
  • To analyze and evaluate periodically the production process effect to environmental,  and certainly control it.
  • To use at least harmful material to environmental (how and where it is possible) that to reach the higher level of environmental protection.
  • To bring all company’s employees to activity of environmental protection implementation.
  • To review the environmental protection policy annually and if necessary it could be corrected.