Energy strategy

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  • COMPANY VISION–  to become a modern, saving energy and  nature company which practise  innovative, using effective energy  productions technologies, and represent for customers the various ranges high quality products.


    Company which pursue own productions activity and provide high quality products for customers and take the responsibility for effective energy using in company and maked effect to environment so it  takes a responsibility for:

    1. To put a regular attention to using energy decrease in company.
    2. To pursue activity by following directly concerned with it statutes, regulations and other legal certificates and documents requirements taken by management.
    3. To follow by pollution’s prevention principles and continually improve environment protection efficiency.
    4. To reach economically and effectively use natural and energy resources.
    5. To identify of energy management system implement principles in company that to reach this policy, to give necessary resources and continually follow policy and aims implement.
    6. To bring active all company’s employees  to effective energy usage policy implementation.

    We believe that effective energy usage policy commitments taken by us will let become more attractive manufacturer of national productions and will let compete with other that  productions suppliers and will help us to strengthen in EU market.