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  •         JSC Baldai Jums is a reliable partner who ensures save and high quality productions of the furniture to the final consumer. As a socialy responsable company is oriented for care of their co-workers by trying to keep long corporation with them. JSC Baldai Jums works against corruption and bribery in relation with suppliers, customers and co- workers.

    JSC Baldai Jums confirms that:

    1. Has comitment to run trust work by avoiding corruption and bribery;
    2. Don‘t tolerate bribery and corruption of co-workers and business partners;
    3. Take some actions against corruption and bribery;
    4. Doing complain procedures inside the factory for the reason if someone will find out about bribery could inform company about this.

    JSC Baldai Jums commited:

    1. Don‘t offer or promise bribery for the third parties (including companies, business partners, co- workers, or departments of goverment;
    2. Don‘t offer or promise bribery for the customers or any other person Donwho is related with them;
    3. Don‘t ask, require or expect any bribery from customer or third parties;
    4. Don‘t offer or accept any gifts, except the cases when they aren‘t extremely high value and understandable as bribery, and are given without any commitments.

    JSC Baldai Jums co workers should avoid conflict situations and are comitted:

    • To avoid crossing interest between co workers, their family members and company when co- workers actions don‘t ensure effective job or job of our competitors on customer and supllier behalf;
    • JSC Baldai Jums co-workers have been comitted don‘t spread confidential information of the company for the thrid parties also ensures honest and open competition for their customers.

    JSC Baldai Jums company public communicates of above mentioned values for customers, suppliers, co-workers and society.


    Prepared by: R.Racickiene