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  • JSC “Baldai Jums” values



     Eco- friendly  and innovative furniture producer from solid wood leader in Baltic countries.


    To stay reliable partner for all the buyers by focusing to the long term business relationship.

    Company have been selected 5 essential values based on activities followed below:

    Human respect:

    – Recognition that employees are the foundation of succsessful operations.

    – It’s company traditions and culture fostering.

    – Creation of respective and warm relationship between each other.


    – Accumulated knowledge, gained experience, continious learning.

    – Unconditional devotion and oppeness to innovations.

    – It’s knowledges and gained experience sharing between clients, colleagues and partners.


    – it’s respective and honest behaviour to customers.

    – Trust based cooperation with partners.

    – It’s social responsability: respect for the people, public and nature.


    – it’s a clear long term vision and short-terms goals achievement and understanding.

    – it’s an inexhaustible enthusiasm, the disire to always be in front, to work better, to be flexible and creative.

    – the responsability for the caurageous dicision-making.


    – its’ constant desire of knowledge improvement and changes.

    – it’s continuous  the new, advanced job tools and techniques search.  

    –  the understanding that innovation is a basis for our competitive advantage.


    Prepared by: Gen. Director –  Alfonsas Meškauskas