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Our possibilities

Our possibilities

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  • In our company we pay special attention to environmentally-friendly and safe technologies, that’s why this is in our investments scope.

    We offer furniture productions according to provided drawings. Additionally to this we participate proactively in article’s development processes by giving possible solutions in order to improve functionality, strength, finishing and etc.

    Our goal is to compete worldwide – therefore we are in a constant search of new technological solutions, machinery, raw materials, which help us to reduce productions costs.

    Our productions covers all article’s productions cycle: starting from round baldai online shop and ending up at the ready made product. This lets us maintain the whole productions processes.

    We have productions managing system MONITOR – thank’s to this we are able to ensure the used raw materials’ traceability.

    Wasteless technology – we have reduced productions waste quantities almost to zero, as all materials are used: the hiqhest quality wood is used for expensive assembled furniture productions; components of class II are fingerjointed and are used for economic class furniture. All chips and sawdust are used for briquettes productions.